The Ixxites are a talented crowd. We also have a network of associates that we call upon when we need their specialist skills. The core team are detailed below.

  • Andy Baker

    Founder and CTO

    Portrait of Andy Baker
  • Vanessa Wright

    Program Manager

    Portrait of Vanessa Wright
  • James Rampton

    Senior Developer

    Portrait of James Rampton
  • Chen Zhe

    Senior Developer

    Portrait of Chen Zhe
  • Karen Makey

    Accounts Manager

    Portrait of Karen Makey
  • Nicola Eslick

    Project Manager

    Portrait of Nicola Eslick
  • Sean Burton

    Associate Data Scientist

    Portrait of Sean Burton
  • Joby Harding

    Associate Full Stack Developer

    Portrait of Joby Harding
  • Adam Wallace

    Associate Designer

    Portrait of Adam Wallace
  • Arwyn Keast

    Search & Data Analyst

    Portrait of Arwyn Keast

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